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Non- Zappos Employees Welcome – Downtown Las Vegas!

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  • Location: Zappos Lobby.
  • 399 North Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89101.
  • Parking:  North Garage of  Zappos Campus.
  • Zoom Meeting Info. Click Here!


Our Las Vegas Toastmasters Club is open to everyone who wants to improve their public speaking , communication and Leadership skills. Not only do we have Zappos employees as members, we also have members from throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

You’ll find our Zappos Toastmasters Club located at the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard in downtown Las Vegas at the Zappos headquarters. The parking is free in the north parking garage and our meetings are held in the front lobby. In our lobby you’ll see an arcade, pool table, Zappos gift shop and our Tours Presentation Room where we hold our Toastmaster Club meetings.

What are guests enjoy most about our club is the relaxed atmosphere and encouragement. As a guest you’re more than welcome to watch the entire meeting, and you are offered the opportunity to speak during table topics our impromptu section. Some of our gas choose to participate and others enjoy watching and seen some of the interesting

In preparation for the meeting all you have to do is bring yourself and maybe a friend. You won’t need a notebook or any other preparation before attending our meeting. As our guest we’d like you to have fun, and see how the Toastmaster meeting format flows so that you can see the process and how it will benefit you in achieving your goals.

Guests are welcome to visit as often as they’d like and of course we always would like you to become a member. 

As a member you’ll now have access to the Toastmaster curriculum, and can sign up for the various roles to actually participate in a Toastmasters Club meetings. Always remember you progress at your own pace. You may want to speak in your 1st month or you may choose to be the timer, grammarian, ah counter or even be the table topics master… it’s your choice!

We look forwarding to seeing you soon click here for more information about parking.  

Also if you’d like to let us know you’ll be visiting click here!

Wish you the best!